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CEPM and Evergo recognized at Social Media Talk Awards as leaders in sustainability, innovation and contribution to the local community

La Altagracia, February 29, 2024– At the recent Social Media Talk Awards, Evergo and CEPM, companies of the InterEnergy Group, were distinguished with awards that highlight their outstanding position in sustainability, innovation and community contribution.

As a pioneer in the development of charging infrastructures for electric vehicles, Evergo was recognized as a “Leading Company in Sustainability and Innovation”. This prestigious award highlights Evergo’s fundamental role in leading the development and deployment of its cargo network in more than 9 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, promoting sustainable mobility with state-of-the-art technology, developed by local talent.

Its commitment is reflected in the promotion of accessible and efficient solutions for electric vehicle charging, emerging as a key player in the transition to sustainable mobility and marking an unprecedented milestone in several countries in the region.

“This recognition is an honor and a testament to the hard work of our team. As a leader in electric mobility, we will continue to drive sustainability, innovation and making a difference not only here, but also internationally, taking Dominican talent to new heights,” said Wellington Reyes, director of Innovation at Evergo.

For its part, CEPM was recognized for its annual event “La Aldea Navideña”, as a benchmark in the creation of memorable and enriching festive experiences for the community of Bavaro, Punta Cana and surrounding areas.

With more than 4,000 attendees each year, the Christmas Village has become an iconic space for connection and celebration during the holiday season. In addition to providing a space for the family and the community, the event is distinguished by its commitment to supporting local entrepreneurs by providing a free platform for talented entrepreneurs to exhibit and showcase their creations, thus fostering a vibrant and growing environment for the community.

“The Christmas Village is much more than an event for us; it is an expression of joy and hope shared with the community during such a magical season. Receiving this recognition reinforces our commitment to strengthen this beautiful tradition, contributing to the well-being of our people. We receive this recognition with great commitment and congratulate Social Media Awards for bringing this wonderful recognition initiative to our area,” said Oscar San Martin, General Manager of CEPM.

Both companies, Evergo and CEPM, demonstrate an ongoing commitment to innovation, sustainability and strengthening local communities. As members of the InterEnergy Group, they continue to be drivers of change and positive agents in the energy and mobility sector, setting the standard for a more sustainable future.

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