We deliver energy solutions and reliable complementary services, supporting the sustainable development of our areas of influence.

Trough 1,237 kilometers of transmission lines of high, medium and low voltage, the company provides energy to more than 65% of the touristic sector nationwide –over 45,000 rooms- and more than 33,000 residential customers, becoming the main promoter of growth and development in the area for the last two decades.

We are pioneers in the country

  • First wind energy project in the Dominican Republic (8.25 MW).
  • First distribution company to introduce prepaid energy.
  • First project of District Energy in the Caribbean.

Major Investments

  • Generation: 37 MW installed, US$47 MM
  • Transmission: 124 Kms. of transmission lines, US$40 MM
  • Distribution: 90 kms. of lines in 69 kV and 208 kms. in lines of 208 v, US$20MM
  • Thermanl Energy: US$30 MM in cogeneration project.


The Consorcio Energético Punta Cana – Macao (CEPM) maintains a high commitment to the satisfaction of its customers and the wellbeing of the community and stakeholders, through the distribution and commercialization of energy and complementary services, based on efficiency – operational excellence and improvement continuous of our processes, complying with the applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

Mission and Vision


To provide reliable energy solutions and complementary services while providing sustainable development and maintaining leadership in our influence area.


To be the benchmark energy solutions and complementary services company in Latin America, becoming a model of quality and efficiency.


Results-Oriented We take personal responsibility in achieving corporate goals, setting challenging objectives and improving our day-to-day performance.   Operational Excellence We set high standards for the fulfillment of our job, and strive to optimize our processes.   Teamwork We encourage commitment and we share information and knowledge, making the best use of resources to achieve our goals.   Integrity We adhere to ethical principles and respect people and our environment.   Innovation We anticipate the needs of our groups of stakeholders, generating and stimulating the creativity of our people.



In late 2014 the company embarked on a project to replace 100% of the meters into telemetered units of the highest technology, capable of operating in prepaid or postpaid mode with remote connection.

The project, which ends in 2016 and includes an investment of more than US $ 5 million, will allow customers to view real-time consumption. It will also allow the company to significantly reduce response times and save costs in commercial operations such as cut-offs, reading and reconnection.

Thus CEPM will become the first and only distributor in the country with 100% of customers telemetered.

Annual Reports

One of the main assets of CEPM-CEB is our team, making us a leading company in the management of human talent, that allows us to attract, retain and develop our people, encouraging a results-oriented culture and commitment with business success. Nuestro equipo página web ingles

Rolando González Bunster


Roberto Herrera

Executive Director

Jesús Bolinaga

General Manager

Oscar San Martín

Distribution and Commercial Director

Saulo Mota

Operations Director

Marcos Ortega

Legal Director

Andrés Slullitel

Financial Director

Gina Mendoza

Human Resources Manager

Iara Rodríguez

Manager of Planning and Control


Want to work with us? Send your CV to reclutamiento@cepm.com.do.