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CEPM Services

Services offered by CEPM

  • Sanitary hot water supply (SHW).
  • Supply of steam or thermal oil.
  • Supply of chilled water for air conditioning systems.
  • Maintenance of internal electrical networks (transformers, cells, networks, etc.).
  • Refurbishing of electrical installations.
  • Telecommunications services (Internet, cable television).
  • Real-time measurement service of internal loads by area, to control consumption in a more efficient manner.
  • Sale of high-efficiency appliances, equipment and machinery through flexible financing (televisions, coffee makers, executive refrigerators, etc).
  • Operation and maintenance of thermal platforms.
  • Complete outsourcing of thermal platform operations.
  • Water treatment for industrial use and swimming pools (laundry, boilers, chillers, towers, etc.).
  • Detection of water leaks (hot, cold, potable water).
  • Charging stations for electric vehicles.
  • Migration from conventional internal vehicular fleet to electric cars.

Electricity Infrastructure Projects

The Consorcio Energético Punta Cana – Macao (CEPM) incorporates CEPM Services into its commercial area, a division that was developed to meet the market’s needs for solutions that optimize its resources, costs in its operations and that support our company´s commitment to the environment.

These innovative services provide quality technology, CEPM brand support and a highly trained staff.

The Electrical Infrastructure Projects service offers our clients the option of carrying out and executing their electrical infrastructure needs and projects, ensuring quality, experience and excellent service.


Aimed at industrial, commercial and residential customers.

We make sure to:

  1. Provide advice and permanent support.
  2. Offer comprehensive solutions adapted to your needs. Reliability in the completion of the project to be executed, complying with the highest standards and technical regulations.
  3. Guarantee quality materials and skilled labor.
  4. Guarantee the projects and materials supplied.


  • Works and electrical projects of medium voltage (MT) and low voltage (LV).
  • Medium voltage (MV) fault detection and tension-related projects (TCT, in Spanish).
  • Equipment rental: mobile chillers, emergency power plants, boilers.
  • Load profile and harmonic distortion studies. Preventive and corrective maintenance.
  • Supply and installation of LED lights.
  • Supply and installation of backup equipment.
  • Supply of materials for electrical projects.
  • Studies of ice water platforms (AH, in Spanish).
  • Supply and installation of Chillers, Boilers, and others.
  • Flow meter service (swimming pool heating).
  • Among others.

      some of these services are available through rental and/or financing processes.

      Energy Management

      With the integration of the telemetry project of CEPM‘s commercial management, we have incorporated a service that conceives its own management system for medium voltage customers. The service is adaptable to the customer´s needs and allows them to efficiently manage the consumption of the various areas selected.


      Aimed at hotel complexes and medium and small-sized hotels, shopping malls, parks or industrial buildings, hospitals, construction companies, among others.

      How does it work?

      After the corresponding survey we install smart meters in the selected and necessary areas to guarantee the proper functionality of the service, as well as the technological infrastructure for their communication.

      Smart meters are programmed through a software with online remote access that will allow the total monitoring of consumption by area.

      Advantages of the Service:

      • Provides detailed management of supply points and grouping by type, thereby facilitating its financial monitoring and a control of excesses. This service optimizes energy savings.
      • Offers online remote access that allows you to view consumption data instantly, controlling energy consumption 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
      • Allows you to program configurable alarms to manage consumption and/or incidents in your electrical network.
      • Provides information on the daily load curve related to 24-hour consumption, allowing you to always know your consumption profile.
      • Provides the necessary data for an accurate simulation of the invoice, allowing the estimate of the budget to be anticipated or errors to be detected in the billing.
      • Issues periodic reports with the necessary information to actively manage your electricity consumption and improve the energy efficiency of your facilities.

      Credi $imple Hotel

      As part of the reiterated commitment that the Punta Cana Macao Energy Consortium (CEPM) has with its clients, such as supporting the tourism industry and its growth, we recently incorporated the CEPM Credi Simple Hotel into the CEPM Services division.

      Credi $imple Hotel is a product designed for customers in the hotel industry. It is the perfect solution to finance all room equipment, as well as electrical infrastructure projects and specialized equipment.


      Aimed at hotel complexes, apart-hotels, boutique and business hotels, inns and/or tourism hostels.

      What Do We Finance?

      – Room Equipment:

      • Televisions
      • Executive Refrigerators
      • Air Conditioners
      • Miscellaneous Items: Coffee makers, irons, etc.

      – Electrical Infrastructure Projects:

      • Works involving Medium Voltage (MT)
      • Works involving Low Voltage (LV)

      – Sale of Equipment:

      • Chillers
      • Boilers
      • Support teams
      • Transformers
      • Modules, Wiring, etc.