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MSMEs Energy

CEPM MSMEs customers may find the necessary information here related to our paperwork processes, CEPM mobile application, energy saving tips, electrical risks and dangers, and how to better understand your bill. You can request a new contract, report a breakdown, and report fraud. Also know our payment channels and find out about our Prepaid Plan and CEPM Credi-$imple.

Prepaid Plans

With our Prepaid Plan you may have control of what you consume.

Postpaid Plans

100% worry-free.

Request a New Contract

Fast and Easy

Saving Tips

Practical advice for the efficient use of electric energy

With CEPM App

It is Much Easier!

If you do not have access to a nearby computer to contact the CEPM Virtual Office, you may do so from the CEPM mobile application. Wherever you are. Download the App for Androids from Google Play and for iOS from the Apple Store.