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Electric Mobility, Hotels and Industries

CEPM promotes electric mobility in the country as part of its commitment to comply with sustainable and environmental goals, and as an effective way to fight climate change. We promote and lead the transition towards sustainable mobility and promote the electrification of transportation systems.

Charging Stations

InterEnergy Systems, with its Evergo brand, is a pioneer in the installation of Level 3 charging stations, also known as ‘super-fast’ or ‘fast-charger’, which revolutionize the electric mobility sector. These stations fully charge a vehicle, depending on the model, in less than an hour.

Almost half of the available charging points installed will correspond to this modality.

The Evergo charging station is a self-service model, through an APP, available on the App Store and Google Play. You may track the charge in real time, pay through your virtual wallet and, also, search on a map for the different stations available in the country, among other facilities.

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