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Who We Are

Our Company

CEPM is a private company belonging to the Dominican Republic´s electricity sector. It generates, transmits, distributes and markets energy in the tourist region of Punta Cana-Bávaro and Bayahíbe, with an available installed capacity of 315 MW. We supply energy solutions and reliable complementary services, promoting sustainable development in our areas of influence.

We understand the importance of electricity in the development process of cities and towns, which is why we work 24 hours a day to supply a first-class electricity service. Through 1,600 kilometers of high, medium and low voltage transmission lines, the company provides energy to 65% of the national tourism sector – over 55,000 rooms – and to more than 47,000 residential and business customers. During the last two decades it has become the main promoter of growth and development in the region.

  • First wind energy project in the Dominican Republic (8.25 MW).
  • First distribution company to introduce prepaid energy.
  • District Energy’s first project in the Caribbean.
  • First electricity distribution company in the country with an intelligent network.

We are Pioneers, in the following areas:

  • First wind energy project in the Dominican Republic (8.25 MW).

  • First distribution company to introduce prepaid energy.

  • District Energy’s first project in the Caribbean.

  • First electricity distribution company in the country to have all its customers associated with an intelligent network.

Featured Investments


Million dollars invested.


Kilometers in transmission and distribution lines.


Million (billion) dollars in Smart Metering Systems and commercial software.


Million dollars invested in a telecommunications company.

Intelligent Network

CEPM is the only distribution company in the country with 100% of its customers linked to an intelligent network.

At the end of 2014 the company embarked on a project that replaced 100% of its meters with state-of-the-art remote metering equipment, capable of operating in prepaid or postpaid mode and with remote connection.

The project, which concluded in 2016 and included an investment of more than US$5 million, allows customers to see their consumption in real time in an agile, transparent and precise manner. Likewise, it makes it possible for the company to considerably reduce its response time and save costs in commercial operations such as service cuts, readings and reconnections.

Get to Know Our Company from the Inside:

Mission and Vision



Supply energy solutions and reliable complementary services, promoting sustainable development and maintaining our leadership in our areas of influence.


To be an energy solution and complementary services company, a model of quality and efficiency in Latin America.
  • Orientation to Results:
    We take personal responsibility for achieving business results, setting challenging goals and improving our performance each day.

  • Operational Excellence:
    We set high standards in the development of our work and seek to optimize processes.

  • Innovation:
    We anticipate the needs of our stakeholders, generating solutions and promoting the creativity of our people.

  • Integrity:
    We act in accordance with ethical principles, we respect individuals and our environment.

  • Teamwork
    We promote the inclusion of all those involved, and we share information and knowledge, optimizing resources to achieve results.

Integrated Management System Policy (SGI)

Integrated Management System Policy (SGI, in Spanish) The Consorcio Energético Punta Cana – Macao, S.A (CEPM), and its subsidiary Compañía de Electricidad de Bayahíbe (CEB), maintain a high commitment to customer satisfaction – as well as the well-being of the community and stakeholders – through the generation, transmission, distribution and commercialization of energy and complementary services, based on operational efficiency – excellence, and continuous improvement of its processes.

CEPMCEB, in turn, believe in sustainable development processes and therefore aspire to live in an environmentally-friendly environment. The company is a pioneer in the development of clean production systems and the responsible use of natural resources.

It is continuously committed to quality standards, the control of health and safety risks of its employees, and the management of environmentally related issues and related impact. The company consistently complies with current legal and regulatory obligations, as well as with other subscribed requirements.

To do this, the companies make sure to consider:

  • The needs and expectations of customers and stakeholders.
  • The identification and control of environmental, health and safety risks in order to guarantee safe and healthy working conditions for its employees.
  • The development, consultation and participation of collaborators that are committed with the leadership in order to manage quality, health – safety, the environment and social responsibility.
  • The protection of the environment, including pollution prevention.
  • The necessary preparations needed to mitigate the impact in emergency situations is a critical aspect of our operations.

Historic Milestones

  • 1990

    1990 – BEGINNINGS

    In 1990 the Government of the Dominican Republic approved Law 14-90, which created the legal framework to encourage the development of the country’s electricity sector through the participation of national and foreign investors. The goal was to improve the country´s energy infrastructure, an essential primary source for the nation´s socio-economic development.
  • 1992

    1992 – FOUNDATION

    In 1992, a group of international private investors launched the creation of the Consorcio Energético Punta Cana-Macao (CEPM), in order to supply reliable energy to the tourist sector in the Bávaro and Punta Cana regions. Operations began with a Heavy 3 MW HFO Fuel Oil thermal power plant which initially supplied energy to two hotel complexes.
  • 1996

    1996 – THE FIRST STEP

    In 1996, the first solid step was taken to consolidate CEPM as a basic supplier of electricity in the area with the installation of a new 4 engine Wärtsilä 3 MW (three were installed in the same year, and another in 1997). With the installation of these generators the electricity supply was contracted by the rest of the hotel facilities that were still partially self-generating their electricity needs (Meliá and Barceló) and, of course, with the new hotel facilities that were beginning to proliferate.
  • 1997


    A series of hotels and industrial parks were added to the supply network, and the new power station is inaugurated.
  • 1998

    1998 – EXPANSION

    Several hotels – totaling more than 1,000 rooms – are incorporated into the supply network. The extension of the low voltage network extended to the towns of El Divorcio, El Guateque and El Escape.
  • 1999

    1999 – BAYAHÍBE

    The Compañía Eléctrica de Bayahíbe (CEB), a subsidiary of CEPM, is created.
  • 2000

    2000 – EXPANSION

    The network is expanded and two 6 MW Wartsila groups are incorporated.
  • 2003


    The Thermal Energy service is introduced to the local market. We took charge of the supply of the Generation and Supply of Thermal Energies, in addition to the operations and maintenance of the systems as well as future investments, reinvestments or possible replacement of equipment.
  • 2008


    The 138 kV transmission line is inaugurated.
  • 2010

    2010 – PREPAID – CEPM

    The company becomes the first supplier of prepaid energy plans in the country.
  • 2011

    2011 – FIRST WIND FARM

    The Quilvio Cabrera Wind Farm is inaugurated, the first in the country.
  • 2012


    The Consorcio Energético Punta Cana – Macao, S.A (CEPM) acquires 50% of the company named Servicios TV Satélite MCR, thus launching the project to provide telecommunications services in the area through the ACTIVA brand begins.
  • 2013

    2013 – IFC–IFC

    A member of the World Bank Group – and the Fund for Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean (ALAC) of the IFC – announced a joint capital investment venture worth a total of US$100 million in InterEnergy Holdings (IEH) to develop cleaner and more efficient energy sources in the Caribbean and expand IEH’s operations in Latin America.
  • 2014

    2014 – BRONZE MEDAL

    CEPM wins third place in the Customer Service category among Latin American distributors with less than 500,000 customers. The recognition was granted by the Regional Energy Integration Commission (CIER). Likewise, the company becomes a regional benchmark for Corporate Social Responsibility, obtaining first place in this category.
  • 2015

    2015 – SMART GRID

    The company launches a project to replace all its meters with leading-edge technological equipment, capable of operating in prepaid and postpaid mode and allowing for remote connection.
  • 2016


    The company inaugurates a biomass boiler that generates four tons of steam per hour for the internal consumption of the Bávaro plant. That same year, the company became the first company to install smart meters among all its customers. Again, and for the second time, CEPM receives the Bronze Award in the Customer Satisfaction Survey carried out by the CIER.
  • 2017

    2017 – 25 YEARS

    The company exceeds 30,000 residential customers and celebrates its 25th year in operation.
  • 2019

    2019 – Gold Medal

    CEPM wins first place in Customer Service among Latin American distributors with less than 500,000 customers. The award was granted by the Regional Energy Integration Commission (CIER, in Spanish). Likewise, the company becomes a regional benchmark for Corporate Social Responsibility obtaining first place in this category.
  • 2022

    2022 – Decarbonization Announcement

    CEPM will initiate the steps to convert its generation to 100% renewable in this decade with more than 600MW of solar, wind, pumped hydro and green hydrogen power through an estimated investment of US$1,000 million. With this step, CEPM will be one of the first zero-emission and 100% renewable electricity companies in the world, contributing to being the first tourist destination to become a global sustainable model.

Annual Reports