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CEPM Credi-$imple

CEPM Credi-$imple is a product of CEPM Services, for residential and commercial customers. It provides the client the opportunity to access financing to purchase those appliances you need or want to change.

It’s very simple to apply!

  • Make sure that you meet the requirements and complete the application at the end of the downloadable brochure that appears at the bottom of this page.
  • Deposit at your nearest commercial office or send by email to:
  • In 72 hours or less you may pick-up your appliance.

CEPM Credi-$imple supports you…

  • We do not require approval from a credit bureau.

  • Financing is available from one to 18 months.

  • Competitive rate with zero variations. The rate will remain fixed during your credit period.

  • Payment is made through the CEPM invoice, at any of our commercial offices.

  • It does not matter if you are a tenant and the CEPM bill is not in your name (See Requirements).

  • You can opt for financing up to three times your income.

  • Response in as little as 72 hours after receipt of the completed application


  • You must be a CEPM client for one year or more and have a postpaid or prepaid contract.

  • Up-to-date invoice, with uninterrupted service for the past six months.

  • A minimum salary is required, equivalent to (RD$6,880.00). If you own your own business proof of income is required.

  • If your CEPM Credi-$imple is approved, an amount of RD$500.00 per appliance will be charged to your bill to cover closing fees, along with your first payment.

  • Once you have complied with these requirements, complete the application and attach a copy of your national identity card or passport, recent employment letter or proof of fixed income. In case the CEPM contract is not in your name, you must present a rental contract that proofs its validity or purchase contract.