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Taking into account the link of our companies to the tourist and economic development of the country, we are concerned about the continuous improvement of our environmental performance, for which CEPM is committed to continuously designing and implementing actions to:

We assume the commitment to develop our activities in a responsible and environmentally friendly way.

For this reason, we promote energy efficiency, the rational use of resources, the prevention of pollution and compliance with existing environmental regulations in the Dominican Republic among our collaborators, suppliers and clients.

  • Anticipate the environmental effects derived from the development of all our activities and take the necessary measures to prevent environmental impacts.

  • Promote and encourage the rational and efficient use of energy in our customers and suppliers.

  • Comply with the environmental legal framework, regulations and industry standards.

  • Properly dispose of the waste that is produced, establishing practices to reduce and recycle it.

  • Promote the development of a culture of conservation of environmental quality in our workers, contractors and suppliers.

  • Integrate the culture of environmental protection and sustainable development into the corporate strategy.

  • Incorporate cleaner and more efficient fuels, technologies and production methods in order to contribute to the improvement of environmental quality in our country.

Interesting fact: We avoid the emission of more than 400,000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere and +35,000 tons of greenhouse gases per year.