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CEPM relaunches prepaid energy service

BÁVARO- The Consorcio Energético Punta Cana- Macao (CEPM) launched the prepaid energy service: “CEPM Prepago” this Friday. CEPM Prepago will be available for clients with low voltage who need it.

At a cocktail party held at the branch office located in the Plaza Velero, the Director of Distribution and Trade; Oscar San Martin, explained that this new segment of the prepaid service will be offered through modern meters that the company has been replacing since late 2014.

San Martin pointed out that with this new equipment there will be no need to change the meters when the clients wishes to migrate from postpaid to prepaid service or vice versa.

It was explained that ACTIVA prepaid customers will not have to pay for requesting the CEPM prepaid contract. The client must be under the ACTIVA coverage and will only receive one prepaid meter with the ACTIVA contract.

The company also announced the inclusion of kiosks of the company “Mango Pay” which are distributed throughout the area and soon will be in colmados and pharmacies.

San Martin explained that from now on the customer will be able to check their prepaid balance with the company’s website ( in the “Prepaid Balance” option on the webpage or via text message by sending their contact number to (809) 284-6327.

CEPM was the first distributive company in the Dominican Republic to implement the prepaid energy service the year 2010.

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