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CEPM invests to develop first smart city in the East of the country

Oscar San Martín, General Manager of CEPM, explains the advances of the company in terms of remote measuring, innovation, electric mobility and telecommunications, which impact on communities and the quality of tourism in its concession area.

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic.– With investments in excess of US$600 million since its foundation, CEPM is set to establish the first smart city of the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean region, thus increasing the quality of tourism services and business of Bávaro and Punta Cana, through a model of energy integrations.

Oscar San Martín, General Manager of the consortium, which manages generation, transmission, distribution, thermal energies, telecommunications and innovation projects, made the disclosure in the forum “Think Innovation, Artificial Intelligence in Business and Energy.”

CEPM currently provides power to 65% of national tourism, which represents more than 45,000 hotel rooms; it has more than 32,000 residential customers and has an installed capacity that by the end of next November will be 261 MW. With its investments, the company is committed to smart hotels.

“It is not only the technological capacity for these integrations, but to guarantee a quality service and with the necessary self-sufficiency to ensure our tourist destinations,” San Martin said when exhibiting in the activity sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce and Tourism-Domínico-Suiza.

The telemetry of electricity consumption, remote user interaction solutions, ATM networks for recharging and payment of services provided by CEPM, mobile application and the smart mobility project, are fundamental axes to achieve the purpose, which from now they empower the clients to control their consumption in a practical and easy way.

He explained that another highly relevant support to make the first smart cities of the country a reality is located in the telecommunications services – through the company ACTIVA – with the focus of reducing the digital divide in its concession area through innovation.

He explained that in the context of its progress, CEPM assumes an inclusive practice with its clients, which is why it is creating the training tables, to train smart users, who will operate since November in the commercial offices of Verón and Friusa.

The executive said that in the area of ​​electrical distribution the company is the first in the Dominican Republic with 100% of its customers counting on smart metering and the versatility of selecting prepaid or postpaid and monitoring consumption in real time.

Telemetering – which promotes efficient control of energy losses, cost savings to users, fraud alerts and other facilities – will allow future CEPM to integrate the measurement of gas and water consumption, stressed San Martín.

The network of ATMs available 24 hours facilitates transactions related to the services of CEPM, the Electric Company of Bayahibe (CEB) and ACTIVA, complemented by 8 thousand points of payment and recharge at a national level.

Mobility and Telecommunications

San Martín presented the pilot of the smart mobility project of CEPM “e-mobility” with a 100% electric car that yields 7.1 kilometers per kilowatt-hour. With this initiative, the company evaluates scenarios to promote electric mobility in its concession area.

It is a unit three times more efficient than gas vehicles, it does not emit polluting gases, it is recharged with a credit card, virtual wallet or charged to the postpaid bill. The company is developing a network of loaders for these purposes.

Regarding the development of telecommunications, the general manager of CEPM said that the company has the only open and neutral fiber optic transport system in the country, connected to the Caribbean NAP, which offers cable television, streaming services packages Prepaid movies and internet.

San Martin said that the CEPM integration model is possible thanks to the support of shareholders for the research and development process that began in 2012. “We are contributing with one of the first major fundamental changes in the country’s energy system,” stressed.

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