The company developed educational talks that impacted students of all ages, who participated in workshops held in 14 schools in Nisibón and Bávaro.

BÁVARO.- The Punta Cana Macao Energy Consortium (CEPM) developed, in the context of its Social Responsibility policy, workshops to educate on energy saving, protection and care of the environment and the importance of generating actions to ensure the protection of the planet .

With the initiative, the company impacted a total of 8,000 students of all ages belonging to the schools in its concession area.

The workshops covered 35 school rounds in the communities of Hoyo de Friusa, Cortecito, La Ceiba del Salado, Macao, Villa Playwood, Los Divorcios, La Misericordia de Dios, Cristinita, Barrio Nuevo, Bavaro Village and Las Dos Jardas, Los Manatiales, Villa Europa , Monte Verde, Veron Lotification. In the case of Bayahibe, the workshops reached the communities of El Limón, Bayahibe Centro and Este.

“At CEPM we are aware that the main contribution to the community and the environment where we operate is to provide a world-class energy service that allows the social and economic development of the region,” the company said.

He maintained that his commitment to the community is to promote sustainable development through the implementation of prevention, integration and social cohesion programs.



The Consorcio Energético Punta Cana – Macao (CEPM) is a Dominican utilities company that generates, distributes and commercializes electric energy in the far east región of the Dominican Republic.

Santo Domingo
Abraham Lincoln Ave. 295, Caribalico BLDG, 3rd FL, La Julia, Sto. Dgo, D.N.
Phone: 809.549.7659


Boulevard Turístico del Este, Bávaro
Provincia La Altagracia, R. D.
Phone: (809) 686-2376
(809) 552-6333
Fax: (809) 221-0939

CEB (Compańía de Electricidad de Bayahibe)

Carretera Dominicus - Canoa
Bayahibe, La Romana, R.D.
Phone: (809) 688-3001
(809) 833-0106
Fax: (809) 688-3098

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