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CEPM provides technology for security public in Eastern tourist district

It signs an alliance with CESTUR for the creation of the Preventive Control and Visualization Center, with high-tech equipment and a platform that will maintain timely communications to all state entities related to security in the area.

In conjunction with its subsidiary ACTIVA, a telecommunications company, CEPM is committed to providing the technological package for the operation of the center, including the telecommunications platform necessary for the interconnection of state entities related to public safety through cameras, GPS and communication system in real time.
The agreement was signed by the directors of CEPM, Roberto Herrera, and CESTUR, Brigadier General Juan Carlos Torres Robiuo, respectively, during a ceremony held at the Paradisus Palma Real hotel, attended by authorities, representatives of hotel chains and of business associations.”We put our energy and our technology at the disposal of this tourist destination to protect the common interest and contribute to generating an environment of safe conditions, with a climate of peace and tranquility that translates into healthier communities, citizens enjoying greater well-being, “Herrera said when assessing the initiative.

In addition to facilitating technology for the aforementioned center, CEPM plans to provide operational training for the proper use of the equipment, the programming of preventive maintenance on a regular basis, the energy necessary for the operation and the start-up of the platform for a efficient monitoring and prevention work.

In the alliance between CEPM and CESTUR, the ministries of Tourism and Defense, the National Police, the district directorate of Verón, Punta Cana, Bávaro, the provincial government, the 911 Assist System and other entities participate.

“As investors in the area, we seek to contribute to generate an environment not only favorable for the social and economic growth and development of the area, but also an environment of safe conditions, with a climate of peace and tranquility that translates into healthier communities , in citizens who enjoy greater well-being, “said Herrera.

In the context of its corporate responsibility policy, CEPM donates energy to government institutions in the area, hospitals, fire departments, public schools and hospitals and churches.

It also promotes entrepreneur development and awareness programs in schools on the efficient use of energy and collaborates with initiatives to protect the environment.

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