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World Vision and CEPM will facilitate access to drinking water in 30 schools in the eastern zone, benefiting more than 4,500 children.

  • Both organizations are working hand in hand to install drinking water storage tanks in schools in the eastern zone, which were particularly affected by last year’s hurricane Fiona.

Tuesday, May 09, 2023. Veron, La Altagracia. – The international organization World Vision Dominican Republic, with the financing of the Consorcio Energético Punta Cana-Macao (CEPM), has proceeded to the installation of a total of 30 water storage tanks for the storage of drinking water in educational centers in the eastern zone, benefiting more than 4,500 children, distributed as follows: 12 units for the Veron – Punta Cana tourist district, in the communities of Las Dos Jardas, Cabeza de Toro, Villa Esperanza, among others; and another 18 in the educational centers of the municipality of Miches, El Seibo.

This initiative seeks to provide a safe supply of this basic resource in educational centers in the area, especially affected by Hurricane Fiona, to ensure hygienic conditions in order to prevent diseases related to the lack of sanitation. In this sense, the program contemplates a complementary process of community and school education and awareness.

To alleviate the water access problems of these centers, the project also provided centrifugal pumps and installations that complement the water distribution system of the schools reached.

The presentation of this initiative took place at the Escuela Básica Las Dos Jardas, in an event headed by Elicaury Bautista Bidó, Country Representative of World Vision; Oscar San Martín, General Manager of the Consorcio Energético Punta Cana-Macao (CEPM) and the director of the Regional Education Office, Esteban Castillo. Also present were representatives of the local government, community leaders and collaborators of both institutions. This donation amounts to approximately USD$18,000.

“It fills my heart to be in this community. I want to emphasize that we as an organization are present in all situations of vulnerability of Dominican children. With this project, we have a reach of almost 4,500 children, we work hand in hand with the companies, but also with the community, however, the sustainability of the intervention is when the community, directors, parents, representations are involved and we leverage that it is sustainable. We are accountable, which goes beyond the installation of the water tanks, to the child who comes to school with the peace of mind that he/she has water and, therefore, a better quality of life. Take care of your school, value the water resource, as a country we are facing situations due to climate change. Starting next year, as an NGO, we will begin to address our climate action policy more directly. I invite you to see the resources we have and how to take care of them for the children who will be the adults of tomorrow”, said Elicaury Bautista Bidó.

Oscar San Martín, general manager of CEPM, said: “Water, like energy, is an indispensable resource for sustainable development and social wellbeing. For this reason, at CEPM we are permanently committed to ensuring the basic conditions of all the communities where we operate, with special attention to the new generations, who are being trained every day to become our future”.

Carlos Daniel Ayala, 12 years old, on behalf of his schoolmates, thanked both institutions for the implementation of this service. “We thank the institutions World Vision and CEPM that have put in more than 30 schools these jars for the hygiene and cleanliness of all of us and prevent diseases.”

In this sense, World Vision responds to the emergencies that affect the Dominican Republic. Intervening in the first hours after a disaster, where it performs damage surveys and prepares reports on the level of severity and need. In the same way, it is accompanied by companies that have the same objectives, human transformation and the development of a full life for the most vulnerable people in the country.

Finally, CEPM believes in sustainable development processes and therefore aspires to live in an environmentally friendly environment, in addition to pioneering the development of clean production systems and the responsible use of natural resources, to maintain a constant commitment to quality standards management of issues related to the environment and its impact, in line with the climate action policy implemented by World Vision on a global basis.

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