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Sur Futuro and CEPM will work to promote community development and protect the country’s natural resources

The Sur Futuro Foundation and the Punta Cana-Macao Energy Consortium (CEPM) signed a cooperation agreement in order to implement shared initiatives that have a significant impact on the sustainable development of the neediest communities and the conservation of the country’s natural resources.

The agreement includes joint actions in the protection and expansion of the Siembra del Agua Ecological Reserve in Tábara, Azua, as well as support for the Siembra del Agua Ecological Award and the strengthening of the social component of CEPM’s community renewable energy projects.

A key element outlined in the agreement is the promotion and support for young people from all over the country to receive training and vocational training in renewable energies, such as solar, wind, hydroelectric and hydrogen, with a view to responding to the labor market for technicians in green jobs in the immediate future.

The agreement was signed by the president of Fundación Sur Futuro, Melba Segura de Grullón, and Rolando González Bunster, president and CEO of InterEnergy Group, CEPM’s parent company. At the event, the president of Sur Futuro welcomed Mr. González Bunster as a new member of the Foundation’s board of directors and expressed: “We are very excited about this new alliance that we are starting today with CEPM and its president Rolando González Bunster, because we are talking about a private sector leader, who is recognized for having an accurate vision of the long term while at the same time being a man of action and results. We have agreed on a basket of issues on which this alliance will revolve in its first stage, all of them critical issues for the future of this country”.

Mr. González Bunster said: “This collaboration lays a solid foundation for the shared purpose of promoting sustainable development in the communities where we operate, focusing on the preservation of our natural resources, social welfare and training, as a key element on the road to a greener future through the generation of increasingly cleaner energy”.

Accompanying Mr. González Bunster; Juan José Arteaga, CEPM’s board director; Marcos Ortega, CEPM’s legal director; and Carlos Rodríguez Álvarez, CEPM’s senior manager of corporate affairs and marketing.

Also in attendance were Servio Tulio Castaños, member of Fundación Sur Futuro and Soledad Álvarez de Vega, member of Sur Futuro’s Executive Council.

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