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The “CEPM Zero” initiative aims to achieve carbon neutrality at CEPM through renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, pumped hydraulics, and green hydrogen, along with cutting-edge storage technology. This way, CEPM will become one of the first zero-emission and 100% renewable electricity companies in the world.

“We want to turn the eastern tourist zone into a zero-emissions destination, from Casa de Campo to Miches, where tourists can travel with electric cars, charge them with solar energy, and take the first electric catamaran in the country to Isla Saona… That’s our path.”.

Rolando González Bunster explained during his participation in the Energy Summit, organized by Revista Mercado.

In the context of the celebration of the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) in New York City in 2022, Rolando González Bunster stated:

“Our commitments have materialized through actions. This is how we have done it in all the markets where we operate, leading pioneering projects that have set the course for the region towards cleaner energy generation. Now, with CEPM Zero, we close the virtuous circle of sustainability as a lifelong dream that will become a reality in the coming years.”.

  • Photovoltaic parks

    One of the first steps taken in this direction was the expansion of the photovoltaic parks FV3 and FV4, with a nominal capacity of 100 MW each, both located in Bávaro. Additionally, the electrification of Saona Island was achieved through a photovoltaic generation park with a 5 MWh storage capacity, making it the first and only island in the hemisphere with 100% renewable energy 24 hours a day.

  • First electric vehicle charging station in the Caribbean

    With the goal of promoting more sustainable mobility and driving the development of the East region as the country’s first smart and zero-emissions tourist destination, Evergo is constructing the first electric vehicle charging station in the Caribbean, located in Bávaro. This station is conceived as a ‘hub’ that will enable the simultaneous charging of a total of 28 vehicles with level 3 chargers.

    Towards carbon neutrality through the use of renewable energy: Wind, Solar, Energy storage systems such as batteries and reservoirs, and Green Hydrogen.

    Emissions Reduction

    Decarbonization project based on market competitiveness, profitability, and emissions reduction by integrating renewables and other green fuels into the energy matrix.

    Sustainable Tourism

    To contribute to the development of sustainable tourism and to the strategies and plans for making hotels more eco-friendly.

    Green Destination

    Creating the first green tourist destination.


    Independence from fossil fuels dependency.

    Cost-Efficient Service

    Optimizing costs to provide reliable and cost-efficient energy services.

    Network Expansion

    Designing new investments to provide stability, robustness, and redundancy.

    CEPM Zero is divided into several phases in which new renewable projects will be introduced, and the grid will be strengthened as renewable energies are integrated through various technologies. This includes the upgrading and creation of new electrical lines and substations, as well as new protection systems.

    Decarbonization stages