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CEPM and Royalton Bavaro inaugurate solar photovoltaic plant towards zero-emission tourism

  • CEPM and Royalton Bavaro, An Autograph Collection All-Inclusive Resort & Casino, begin a joint journey towards environmental sustainability and efficiency, while contributing to the strengthening of a national low-carbon energy matrix.
  • This solar photovoltaic plant will contribute significantly to the reduction of carbon emissions, avoiding the release of more than 1,000 tons of CO2 per year.
  • Through this project, Punta Cana positions itself as a leading reference in sustainable tourism, establishing a model for tourist destinations committed to environmental responsibility and energy efficiency.

La Altagracia. – As part of its ambitious decarbonization project “CEPM Zero”, the Consorcio Energético Punta Cana Maca (CEPM) and Royalton Bavaro have begun operating a self-consumption photovoltaic solar plant at this hotel complex located on the Arena Gorda beach in Punta Cana. This project marks an important step forward for the sustainable development of tourism in the eastern part of the Dominican Republic by adopting a more environmentally friendly energy matrix.

The solar PV plant will be a masterpiece of sustainable technology, consisting of 1,980 modules of 455W capacity, with a peak direct current output of 900,900 Wp and an estimated first year production of 1,447,231 kWh. This effort will result in the reduction of 1,026 tons of CO2 and a savings of 2,386 barrels of oil, supporting CEPM’s vision of becoming one of the world’s first zero-emission, 100% renewable electric utilities.

This project in collaboration with Royalton Bavaro is a benchmark in the vision of ‘CEPM Zero’ in our quest to achieve carbon neutrality through renewable energy and advanced storage technology.“, highlighted Oscar San Martín, general manager of CEPM. “An effort that enables the responsible adoption of sustainable and innovative energy solutions, and lays the foundation for a true transformation and acceleration towards a net-zero emission economy.“.

To further support the sustainability and safety of this project, a precision electronic measuring instrument will be implemented to provide data on global radiation, temperature and wind speed at the location. This will not only maximize plant performance, but also strengthen the infrastructure against possible structural damage from high winds.

In addition, a comprehensive control and monitoring system will be implemented that will allow real-time supervision and remote control of the facility from any device, ensuring safe and efficient operation at all times.

CEPM Zero’s firm intention to decarbonize the company and become a global benchmark for sustainability in the area is fully in line with the sustainability plans of Blue Diamond Resorts, the hotel management company behind Royalton Bavaro.

“Our commitment has always been to provide exceptional experiences to our guests, while at the same time being conscious and actively contributing to the care of the environment, the local community and the growth of the destination,” said Cesar Vargas, Regional Director of Operations Dominican Republic for Blue Diamond Resorts. “We are confident that this breakthrough will mark a significant milestone in the sustainability of the hotel sector in the region, supporting our goal of a greener and more responsible future,” he added.

The company implements rigorous policies to comply with environmental regulations and promotes various conservation initiatives at all of its properties, including sea turtle protection programs, composting areas, beach cleanups, plastic use reduction, and donations of surplus shells to local farmers.

This alignment reinforces the contribution of both companies to the sustainable future of Punta Cana’s tourism sector and sets a standard for the hotel industry worldwide.

The solar photovoltaic plant at Royalton Bavaro is one of several projects that mark the path towards CEPM’s complete conversion to 100% renewable energy generation by 2030. This ambitious plan contemplates the expansion of its capacity to more than 800 MW, incorporating solar, wind, pumped hydro and green hydrogen sources to its current matrix, with an estimated investment of US$1 billion.

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