The conference was given by the outstanding journalist Fausto Rosario.

 Bávaro, La Altagracia. – On the occasion of the Journalist’s Day, the Punta Cana-Macao Energy Consortium (CEPM), held the lunch-conference “Digital Journalism: Challenges and Opportunities”, for journalists and communicators from Bávaro, Verón and Punta Cana.

The conference was led by journalist Fausto Rosario, Founder and Director of the digital newspaper Acento and Acento TV, who shared his current and future vision of the new journalism with his colleagues.

The event, with the participation of media representatives from both Radio and TV and print and digital newspapers who were received by Oscar San Martin, General Manager of CEPM, Wellington Reyes, Commercial Director and Vielka Guzman, Director of Communications as well as others executives of CEPM.

During the event, CEPM presented the new Communications Manager in the Bavaro area, Ms. Emilis Ferreras, who will be the contact with the company in the future.

During his presentation, Fausto Rosario shared a general vision of journalism, emphasizing digital journalism, highlighting that the business model of the newspapers vanished. The advertising changed from printed diarism to the web. The beneficiaries are not Internet news sites, but the big companies that trace the culture patterns of the moment: “Social networks,” he said.

He also said that “Digital journalism was an awakening at the beginning of this century. The ease of connection, plus the ease to create pages and to place multiplicity of content: text, audio, videos, photographs, infographics, cartoons. All that allowed to win the battle to the printed ones “.

He added that “When it comes to regional, or provincial, or municipal projects, there is a public determined by the proximity:” It is a local environment and must focus on local issues. What happens in the country and in the Caribbean, and in the world, is already covered by other media. The important thing is to insert and become strong locally. ”

Rosario made a call to her colleagues, stressing that it is up to journalists to reflect on the future as professionals in an area of ​​great utility: “In between is freedom of expression and freedom of enterprise. And there is also our freedom and ability to undertake, “he said.

As a conclusion of his presentation, Fausto Rosario highlighted that La Altagracia province has the characteristic that it is the most prosperous of the East region and the country. It has a very powerful tourist development. “The challenge of journalism here is to find the niches of interest and coincidence with the tourist industry and tourists,” he concluded.

The meeting took place at the Hotel Meliá Caribe Beach, and the journalists and communicators arrived there, who thanked the meeting held by CEPM with their presence.

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