Rights and Duties

For CEPM you are important, that is why we provide you information about the obligations that we have with you and those that you have as a user. Know the rights and duties that, according to the Dominican laws, you have with our company.


As a user you have the obligation to:

  1. Maintain your electrical installations, in all its parts, especially the connections and interior installations.
  2. Comply with the timely payment of billing invoices.
  3. Make use of the public electricity supply in the terms established by law and the terms of the contract signed with CEPM.
  4. Use the power supply and pre-charge only in the property where you contract.
  5. Comply with the technical specifications for the design and construction of your electrical installations, defined by CEPM.
  6. Inform us about any changes in your house, power variation and others, as well as the name of the person responsible for the contract.
  7. Maintain a power factor equal to or greater than zero point nine (0.9) in arrears. Otherwise, you must implement the technical measures that allow you to comply with the previous requirement. In the event that the power factor is less than the indicated value, you must install the appropriate devices or corrective devices to control and measure the reactive energy on your own.
  8. Protect and safeguard installed control and measurement equipment.
  9. Allow and facilitate access to the property of persons authorized by us.
  10. Allow replacement of the meter or connection to carry out its inspection or its withdrawal when we consider it.
  11. Ensure that the place where meters and other electrical equipment are located remains in optimal conditions of cleanliness, lighting and security required by us.
  12. Inform us immediately and present explanations about any irregularity and / or modification that occurs in the electrical installations and your measuring equipment.
  13. Notify us when you do not receive the invoices past thirty-five (35) calendar days from the delivery of the previous invoice, and request a duplicate.
  14. Present in a respectful manner the requests and claims in all the forms of communication that we have available.
  15. Carry out the maintenance that the internal electrical installations merit.
  16. Assume full responsibility for the effects of any hidden fault or defect that occurs or is discovered in your low voltage system (480V to 220V), before or after interconnecting our networks.
  17. Pay all outstanding bills to be entitled to connection.


As a customer you have the right to:

  1. Request the supply of energy.
  2. Know the terms of the contract and get a copy of it when you request it.
  3. Receive a supply of quality and continuity, in accordance with the provisions of the contract you signed.
  4. The measurement of energy consumption through technically adequate equipment.
  5. Receive invoices as maximum ten (10) calendar days after their issuance.
  6. Submit and receive a response to petitions, complaints and claims arising from the development of the signed contract.
  7. Receive guidance on the procedures to be carried out with us.
  8. Receive equal treatment during the period of the signed contract.

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