Thermal Systems is the energy solution that CEPM offers to its clients that need to be supplied of sanitary hot water, steam, thermal oil and ice water. The portfolio of services includes the evaluation, design, implementation, operation and maintenance of thermal energy generation stations.

Our energy solutions allow our clients to:

  • Receive an EPCM service (engineering, procurement, construction and maintenance): We handle all aspects of the project, from design to maintenance. We also take care of future necessary investments, such as extensions and replacement of equipment.
  • Obtain important savings in operational costs.
  • Avoid infrastructure investments outside of their organizational core.
  • Have a world class work team at their disposal, with experience and the knowledge to guarantee the service.


Whether for use in industrial applications or air conditioning, Chilled Water Systems are an important part of the operations of our customers.

These services are characterized by high investment, elevated technical expertise and depend on the responsiveness of manufacturers to failures.

In that sense, CEPM’s Thermal Energy division, with over 5,000 tons of chilled water installed and in operation, has trained and qualified staff to respond to any requirement, in addition to having direct contact with the manufacturers of the most prestigious brands of ice water generators that exist in the market, such as Carrier, York and Trane. With this, we ensure rapid response to contingencies, which contributes to the tranquility of our customers.

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The hot water supply plays an important role in the operations of our industrial customers. That’s why we offer a stable, continuous and cost effective hot sanitary water  supply. We rely on brands and work with our clients to achieve maximum system efficiency, reducing the cost of hot water supply.

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The hot water supply plays an important role in the operations of our industrial customers. That’s why we offer a stable, continuous and cost effective hot sanitary water  supply. We rely on brands and work with our clients to achieve maximum system efficiency, reducing the cost of hot water supply.

Generally used in laundries and some industrial services, steam generation and thermal oil is associated with intensive operations, elevated costs of chemical and oil replacement, as well as with high technical expertise.

In our Thermal Energy division we have a team with over 10 years of experience in steam and thermal oil, including operation, design and maintenance of systems, allowing us to offer a high class service to our customers.

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CEPM has an Optical Ground Wire (OPGW) of 48 fibers, connected to the NAP del Caribe. This infrastructure is available for clients that wish to rent or purchase capacity for telecommunications services.


This service allows our clients to have:



CONECTIVITY: The optical fibers allow unlimited access between the connections points, no matter the band with required.


RELIABILITYTo insure the reliability of the web, the fiber has 100% logical redundancy over itself, which insures the availability to go through. It also supports this process with high technology transportation.


QUALITY: The system operates in compliance with international quality standards, insuring service availability of at least 99.9%.


IMMEDIATE AVAILABILITY: The service is readily available in the market.


COMPETIVITY: Our clients can be sure that they are benefiting from the best cost/service ratio existent in the market today.


ACCESABILITYThere are different options to benefit from these facilities. Interested users can chose their band width and have the possibility to rent or purchase their capacity.


Architecture and Capacity:


The project has 250 kilometers of optical fiber and 4 main nodes:


  • NAP del Caribe
  • La Romana
  • Bávaro (Subestación 138kv)
  • San Pedro de Macorís


It also has 4 linear sub nodes / ring with STM-4 capacity:

  • Casa de Campo
  • Bayahibe
  • Bávaro(Subestación Caribe)
  • Bávaro (Subestación Riu)
  • Macao
  • Uvero Alto


Other characteristics include:


  • The greatest regeneration distance is 73 kilometers.
  • It has automatic 1+1 protection. 
  • Transference capacity of 95 GBps.
  • Capacity modules Sonet and DWDM.

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The Consorcio Energético Punta Cana Macao started its renewable energies related activities in 1998, when it installed a measuring tower to gather data on the wind parameters at the Far East side of the island, inside its influence area, at Cabo Engaño, La Altagracia. This first measuring was the introduction so that, in the year 2000, the Danish consulting firm RISO was hired so that they could establish several measuring stations all over the Dominican Republic. The study revealed the following as the top sites in which to do so:

  • Cabo Engaño, La Altagracia
  • Farallón, in the high part of the cliff that goes through the Punta Cana and Bávaro area, in La Altagracia
  • Barahona, Barahona
  • Juancho, Pedernales.

With this information, CEPM focus its attention in the Cabo Engaño Project (8.25 MW). During 2003, 2004 and 2005 the necessary steps were taken to secure a loan from the International Finance Corporation (part of the World Bank). The process of selecting the companies that would obtain the government and environmental permits also started at that time, as well as the selection of the developer for the project.

During the first months of 2006, just when the project was about to start their first construction stage, the Ministry of Tourism shut it down, arguing that a tourism related project worth more than 5,000 million dollars was approved for construction in the same area. This project hasn’t been constructed to date.

This obstacle to the Project in Cabo Engaño forced CEPM to double its efforts to secure a new location for its windmill park. That is how, in 2010, the construction woks started at Juancho, Pedernales.

Finally, in October 2011, the park started operations and was named Quilvio Cabrera Windmill Park, in honor to the late Ing. Quilvio Cabrera, who was the Director of the Instituto Agrario Dominicano when the company was negotiating the lad in which the park was to be constructed, and who gave his unconditional support to the project.

The Quilvio Cabrera Windmill Park, located in town of Juancho, Pedernales, constitutes an important contribution to the diversification of the country’s energy generation mix, producing 8.25 megawatts of clean energy with 5 Vestas windmills that help the Dominican Republic save 45,000 barrels of oil every year, and avoid the annual release of more than 11,000 tones of CO2.

As part of the expansion of our division Thermal Systems CEPM, we developed the first District Energy system of the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean to provide chilled water and hot water to hotels located in the vicinity of our plant.

District Energy is a transmission and distribution system of thermal energy. At CEPM we transmit and distribute hot water, produced in our power plant, in order to produce chilled and hot water that our clients need for their operations.

In our District Energy system the residual heat comes from the exhaust gas and the cooling water (cylinders, oil cooler, cooler combustion air) of the Wartsila Vasa 18V32 engines of 6MW.


  • Ease of operation and maintenance.
  • Reliability.
  • Excellent rate cost – benefit.
  • Clean energy production through waste heat utilization of our plant, reducing the emission of greenhouse gases.
  • The cost of ice water and domestic hot water production will be less than these services locally.

How does it work?

The route of the pipeline of the District Energy system between CEPM’s generation plant and hotels is 14.5 kilometers long, covering a radius of 4kms. In the industrial area of the hotels there are absorption chillers installed to produce chilled water, and heat exchangers to produce hot water.

In CEPM’s generation plant we take advantage of waste heat from the power generation process to produce high temperature hot water. The hot water provides the thermal energy required to operate the absorption chillers and the heat exchangers.


CEPM Services division arises from a need in the market for our customers to have innovative solutions for various services. This on the basis of the following benefits:


  1. Generate significant savings in operating costs for our customers.
  2. Avoid our customers having to invest in high-tech equipment.
  3. Provide environmentally friendly solutions, which enable our customers to be environmentally responsible.
  4. Make available to our customers, an experienced and capable team, to guarantee the service.

Target Audience:
Industrial, commercial and residential customers.
As an initial offer CEPM Services launched two innovative solutions in water treatment.