CEPM Telecom

CEPM Telecom has an Optical Ground Wire (OPGW) of 48 fibers, connected to the NAP del Caribe. This infrastructure is available for clients that wish to rent or purchase capacity for telecommunications services.

This service allows our clients to have:

CONECTIVITY: The optical fibers allow unlimited access between the connections points, no matter the band with required.

RELIABILITY: To insure the reliability of the web, the fiber has 100% logical redundancy over itself, which insures the availability to go through. It also supports this process with high technology transportation.

QUALITY: The system operates in compliance with international quality standards, insuring service availability of at least 99.9%.

IMMEDIATE AVAILABILITY: The service is readily available in the market.

COMPETIVITY: Our clients can be sure that they are benefiting from the best cost/service ratio existent in the market today.

ACCESABILITY: There are different options to benefit from these facilities. Interested users can chose their band width and have the possibility to rent or purchase their capacity.

Architecture and Capacity:

The project has 250 kilometers of optical fiber and 4 main nodes:

  1. NAP del Caribe
  2. La Romana
  3. Bávaro (Subestación 138kv)
  4. San Pedro de Macorís

It also has 4 linear sub nodes / ring with STM-4 capacity:

    1. Casa de Campo
    2. Bayahibe
    3. Bávaro(Subestación Caribe)
    4. Bávaro (Subestación Riu)
    5. Macao
    6. Uvero Alto

Other characteristics include:

      1. The greatest regeneration distance is 73 kilometers.
      2. It has automatic 1+1 protection.
      3. Transference capacity of 95 GBps.
      4. Capacity modules Sonet and DWDM.

For more information contact us at grandesclientes@cepm.com.do