Our Commitment

Corporate Social Responsibility


Cepm 9309

Students have benefited from our education programs, which train teachers and deans and strengthen public school libraries.

RD$200 million

Cepm 9412

In donated energy for schools, public health center and public ordinance institutions, including the fire department.


Students benefitted through our energy efficiency workshops, celebrated from March 6 through 24, 2017, in 22 school runs throughout 17 schools from Bávaro and Bayahíbe.

Our District Energy project has avoided the emission of 0 tons of CO2 since 2013

Quilvio Cabrera Windmill park has avoided the emission of 0 tons of CO2 since 2011

CEPM launches 1st. Seminar on Social and Community Leadership

With the participation of more than 30 community leaders from Bávaro and its surrounding communities, the Consorcio Energético Punta Cana – Macao (CEPM) began its 1st. Seminar on Social and Community Development, in its facilities of the Bávaro Plant. The seminar, which will…